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A harmonious coffee, with intense aroma and full and balanced flavor, characterized by a thick hazelnut cream, in which the sugar sinks slowly: this is what the Attibassi Espresso Italiano blends offer.

Each Attibassi blend is the result of an exclusive recipe, achieved through years of experimentation with the aim of obtaining the perfect product. The natural properties of the coffee varieties used are enhanced by skillful roasting, ensured through an advanced production process, electronically controlled at every stage of processing.

This is, in short, the corporate mission of Attibassi: to make itself known for the genuine goodness of its products and for the creation of coffee with optimal characteristics, able to satisfy the needs of those who manage a bar or a local and of the suppliers of coffee, along with all their customers.


Attibassi is passion, tenacity, craftsmanship and its history is proof of this. If we want to retrace the vicissitudes of the brand, we have to go back to the distant 1918, in the Emilian capital. Precisely in Bologna, what will later become the beating heart of a luxuriant food valley, famous for the quality of its products all over the world. It is no coincidence that Attibassi was born in a place destined to be famous for culinary excellence. The Bolognese brand was initially founded as an artisan workshop, whose main products were chocolate, biscuits, and candies. A pastry chef named Agostino Atti contributed as founders to its creation and an emigrant recently returned with a hoard of money as capital from Argentina, Marco Bassi. A humble start, but definitely destined for big projects.

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