Coffee drink: the recipe for Instant Tiramisu

Coffee Recipes

Tiramisu becomes an eat-and-drink drink: biscoffee, coffee, skim milk, hazelnut syrup. A few ingredients for a unique, enveloping taste.


  • 1 cinnamon cookie
  • 16 ml hazelnut syrup
  • 100 ml skim milk
  • bitter cocoa powder
  • 1 espresso


To prepare it at home, start with a sprinkling of cocoa in the glass and half a cookie in the bottom. Prepare the milk mousse with a blender by adding 16 ml hazelnut syrup and 5/6 ice cubes in the glass. Pour 50 ml of hazelnut-flavored skim milk mousse and top with espresso. Then create another layer with the remaining milk and decorate with half of the remaining cookie and a sprinkling of cocoa.