Coffee Recipes

The cold brew coffee, the tonic and a bit of citrus make this cold brew coffee spritzer one of the most refreshing caffeinated drinks. The tonic, in particular, adds a bitter, bubbly element that elevates the flavor of the coffee and the orange peel adds a bit of citrus flavor that makes it more delicious. 


– ⅓ glass of Cold brew coffee 

– ⅓ glass of Tonic 

– Some ice cubes

– Orange peel 

How to prepare a cold brew coffee spritzer?   

  1. Put the peel of the orange in the glass. 
  2. Put some ice cubes in the cup. 
  3. Pour the tonic into the cup. 
  4. Top off with cold brew. Enjoy!

Tip: You can make this drink with cold brew ice cubes, so it has a more intensive taste and also makes it look even more festive.