The cup is simple and elegant with a modern and refined shape. The upward momentum is balanced by the central presence of the brand, which gives balance and sobriety. The saucer instead becomes an exuberant spokesperson for color, movement and style. A game of imagination and color, in warm shades of gold.

FORMAT: pack of 6 cups.

CHARACTERISTICS: THE SHAPE Its shape, slightly tapered and of medium height, allows a better smell. The Hausbrandt cup has a base diameter of 3.5 cm and a larger diameter of 5.5: these measures allow the collection of all the olfactory notes that are gently accompanied by the sensorial perception of the customer. The thickness of the edge (about 3 mm) makes contact with the cup particularly pleasant. The width and height ratio and the differentiated thickness by zones allow better thermal stability of the product. The correct temperature is one of the decisive factors for obtaining a fine, persistent, and stable espresso from the crema. The capacity of the cups (about 70 ml at full load) and their particular shape allow them to present a perfect espresso (25-30 ml) and to enhance the cream which is at the correct height with respect to the edge of the cup. THE MATERIAL The high-quality porcelain makes the cup resistant and thermally stable. The pure white color is hardly affected by external factors thanks to cooking at optimal temperatures.

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6 Porcelain espresso cups with saucers

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