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Chemex pour-over coffee

Do you also love coffee? Then it can hardly have escaped your notice that a significant change is taking place in the coffee field. The fast-fast-fast coffee pod system and the espresso machines at the touch of a button make more and more room for slow coffee. In this article, I’ll tell you more about it and show you how my first experience with brewing coffee went this way!


Slow coffee is a term for the old-fashioned way of brewing coffee from the old days: pouring water through a paper filter filled with ground coffee, little by little. The coffee then drips into the coffee pot, and you make a delicious coffee that has been given the time. And you can taste that, I read everywhere. I am very curious: let’s get started!

I delve into the world of slow coffee, and it soon becomes clear that there is a lot of choice in the range of slow coffee makers. For me, two immediately stand out, which resemble each other. Both are nicely shaped glass pitchers with a kind of cork jacket held together with a cord. Because I don’t know yet whether slow coffee is something for me, I decide to go for the cheapest version of the two: the Pour Over from Bodum. This one gets great reviews and looks excellent. Yes. This will be it!

Coffee beans
Because I ordered the coffee maker from Simon Lévelt, I immediately bought the coffee beans there. Because I don’t understand that, I choose the house blend. Very affordable and gets good reviews.
Pour Over
The Pour Over from Bodum is a beautifully designed glass coffee maker. The carafe is made of borosilicate glass, it has a titanium filter and a cool cork handle.

Trying out
As soon as I receive the order, I want to try it immediately. After I have ground the beans, I put them in the filter of the coffee maker. Then I boil enough water. The cold is 1 (supplied) scoop with 125 ml. The water should be poured onto the coffee in a circular motion, dripping through the filter into the pot.
Something cozy about it is the soft tap of the dripping into the pot. It reminds me of the coffee machine my mother turned on several times a day in the kitchen. In the morning, I ate my plate of warm Brinta at the kitchen table, and in the evening, after dinner. Yes: it has something comforting, something cozy.
Slow down in this busy time
It is also logical that slow coffee is so hot in this increasingly busier time. A time when we are all connected 24/7 to our phones, iPods, mailbox, and Netflix. Everything has to be fast, fast, fast. Except for the coffee: it can take its time.
Old-fashioned cuppa
You can taste that the coffee has been given the time. It’s an old-fashioned cup of coffee: super tasty! You taste the full aromatic taste of the coffee beans, and you still feel a bit like a home barista in this way.  I do notice that the coffee in the jug cools down quickly. I immediately set the maximum: for this half liter, that can be 4 cups. 

+ the glass jug can be washed in the dishwasher, of course, without the cork
+ you can make a lot of coffee simultaneously, handy for visitors!
+ cheaper than separate cups or pads
+ you can control the strength of the coffee yourself

– the coffee in the jug cools down quickly
– very brief manual

I received a product for this item. This article was written in collaboration with Simon Lévelt.