Iced Caramel Latte

Coffee Recipes

Make your delicious and creamy iced caramel latte at home with just a few ingredients. Enjoy! Happiness is homemade 🙂

– 1 brewed espresso
– handful of ice
– 30 ml milk
– 20 ml milk for foaming
– Caramel sauce

STEP 1. Drizzle some caramel sauce all along the inside of a glass.
STEP 2. Fill the glas with ice.
STEP 2. Fill the glass halfway with milk.
STEP 3. Pour over the brewed espresso or coffee of your choice.
STEP 4. Foam the milk and add on top of coffee.
STEP 5. Top with more caramel sauce if desired and enjoy!

Coffee – You can use an espresso shot, brewed coffee, cold brew coffee, brewed coffee that’s been chilled in the refrigerator or even instant coffee. But don’t forget a true latte is made with espresso.
Milk – My preference is whole milk or oat milk. But you can use any plant milk that you enjoy. Perhaps you can ask yourself the question how would you order your iced coffee latte at Starbucks? 🙂 😛 Starbucks uses 2% milk in their coffee drinks, of course the higher fat your milk, the creamier your latte will be.
Caramel Sauce – You can use your favourite caramel sauce, homemade caramel sauce or my absolute favourite Torani Caramel Sauce which tastes heavenly and is one of the only ones I found without preservatives and without artificial flavours and colours!
Whipped cream – You can also whip up some cream for topping your caramel iced coffee latte. I love adding a splash of it sometimes for extra richness.