Cappuccino phrases: the best aphorisms and famous quotes


Everyone knows it, and almost everyone has tried it at least once. The history of cappuccino is a fundamental part of the Italian tradition related to coffee. With little or a lot of foam, with cocoa or without, there are many varieties to please all palates.

This drink is so beloved that over the years, so many exponents of literature, entertainment, and cinema, have come up with monologues, aphorisms, and phrases about cappuccino. Let’s discover some of them together.

Phrases and aphorisms about cappuccino

“My favorite coffee is Cap-grande-decaf-soi-screm-can-cioc, a name that must be recited all at once and means: double cappuccino, decaffeinated, with skim soy milk, cinnamon, and chocolate. For the Italians, inventors of the cappuccino, this is, of course, heresy.”

  • Isabel Allende, Afrodita, 1998

“Cappuccino, that latte that the Milanese, always hasty and parsimonious,

hastily called “cappuccio.” “

  • Enzo Biagi, The Fact, 1995

“Do you think we even put butter in the caffellatte!

At our house, we don’t put anything in our lattes: neither coffee nor milk.”

  • Totò (Antonio De Curtis), in Miseria e nobiltà, 1954

“You have an air that I would say is nice | I could sprinkle you with sugar, with a cappuccino to wet you a little | And I will, and I will…. “

  • Mina, Cream Puffs, 1988

“That then a few things would be enough. Teleportation, invisibility, the gift of lightness, a cappuccino and a warm croissant, and someone to love me forever.”

  • Fabrizio Caramagna

“We all need to believe in something.

I believe that I will have a cappuccino soon.”

  • Anonymous