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Always passionate about coffee

Passion, love, and determination, from 1979 to today, have allowed us to create a unique espresso of its kind: our coffee is velvety, sweet, and fruity, a "chocolate" that can be recognized and appreciated even without sugar. A unique blend, the result of a perfect extraction by our lever machines designed to prepare the unmistakable Izzo espresso.


We are a dynamic company ready to continuously innovate. We are always studying new solutions to achieve high-quality standards and the passion for our work guides us towards new challenges.

Trade fairs and overseas meetings provide us with the stimuli for research and development, training, and education on how to make an excellent Izzo espresso. We believe we must always differentiate our products with the aim of leaving their mark.


We work every day to translate the passion for quality espresso into a universal language. We succeed with our blend that is able to speak the same language all over the world, combined with the lever machine: a combination that offers the right synthesis between quality raw materials and technological innovation to conquer the most skeptical palates and awaken the senses.

Coffee that loves nature

We are committed to making a difference with eco-sustainable industrial choices: starting from the selection of materials, passing to the production of espresso machines capable of working with energy savings, up to equipping professional machines for domestic use with insulated boilers to guarantee less heat dispersion.

Izzo coffee is “the coffee that loves Nature”: our pods are 100% compostable, the use of plastic in packaging is reduced to a minimum in favor of paper and other recyclable raw materials.


Our products are fine blends, chosen from among the best in the world. Espresso Izzo is the result of a process carried out with the best technologies and experience.

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