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With Bunna Coffee you get excellent coffee straight from the farmer. Our vision is to promote sustainable coffee cultivation while giving something back to the country of origin. Become part of the "giving back" community.
We bring true coffee enjoyment to you and give something back with every coffee sold. Several months pass from the harvest to the enjoyment of coffee and many people are involved in this unique process in which the most popular hot beverage worldwide is made from a raw coffee cherry, which tastes slightly sweet. Countless hardworking hands make the raw coffee beans your daily, aromatic companion with a lot of love, without whom you would hardly get through the day. Unfortunately, in today's fast-paced world, coffee is seen more and more as an everyday commodity whose real value is being misunderstood. As a result, people often resort to inferior quality, which is brought to our dining table from the country of origin with the involvement of many intermediaries. The consequences can be drastic: spot checks have shown that poor quality can result in larger remains of wood or other waste products.  In addition, if the quality is inferior, there is not enough of the yield left to give the farmers in the countries of origin the opportunity to live off their produce. For this purpose, Bunna-coffee has a sustainable concept to promote people. It is characterized by love, fairness, and sustainability. Our three cornerstones for good, sustainably grown premium organic coffee and targeted support for people in the coffee's countries of origin.

Bunna Coffee

Bunna Coffee

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