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est. 2014
Building3 was born out of love for family. We have proudly served in the US Army for over 12 Years. In the summer of 2014, God placed in our hearts that we would not make the military a career. After earnestly seeking His plan, we decided to turn a long time passion and dream for coffee into a reality by establishing Building3 Coffee! 

A fire was lit, literally, as we began roasting. After a year of research and development, learning the industry and seeking professional advise from like minded roasters, we have established strict standards and truly embrace the Specialty Coffee Culture. 

Colorado Springs became our home as we fell in love with the city in 2007 while stationed at Ft Carson. It's B3s desire to serve the community, offer exceptional roasted coffees through a positive atmosphere, and extend a connection from the farmer to the consumer through a seed-to-cup model.  

Building3 wants to extend our passion for specialty coffee. We believe that in order to create a great roast we must use the highest quality beans. We appreciate the hard work of our importers and farmers as we mutually benefit from direct trade. This ensures control from the start and encourages constant production of high quality crops. Carefully roasting in small batches allows us to pull unique characteristics from each. We also believe in careful control over brew technique in order to extract all that each amazing coffee has to offer.

We look forward to serving you soon!

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