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Father-son duo Jay and Zack Burnett kicked off our coffee journey in 2007.

After retiring, Jay started roasting in his garage as a hobby, and Zack would spend time with his dad while he roasted. It was in these moments that Zack fell in love with specialty coffee. As the two sold their coffees to the local wholesale market, it didn’t take long for them to seek direct access to their consumer.  

In 2011, Jay and Zack opened the first Bold Bean retail space in Jacksonville’s Riverside neighborhood and eventually opened two additional shops, gaining insight into retail operations in order to better serve the needs of a growing list of wholesale partners.

Zack took on the role of Managing Partner and Green Buyer, overseeing all operations as well as the sourcing process of our coffee. To this day, Zack takes pride in building and maintaining direct relationships with farmers of origin in Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and Kenya.

Bold Bean Coffee

Today, we still believe in the power of building and maintaining direct relationships with producing partners in order to create a more transparent specialty coffee culture.

We provide constructive feedback in market demands and, most essentially, pay a fair price for quality coffee. We foster our community in Northeast Florida and beyond by prioritizing relationships with our wholesale partners and providing fantastic coffee with warm and welcoming service in our shops. We value honest, transparent business in every step of the coffee chain in order to benefit our producing and consuming partners.

Bold Bean Coffee

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