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The Blank Roast Coffee Manufactory has been roasting selected coffee beans from selected origins in the best growing areas on earth using a unique grapevine roasting process since 2007. Founder and managing director Holger K. Blank makes it possible to experience the favorite drink of Germans in his glass roastery in Neustadt a der Weinstrasse. The roasting processes are entirely transparent, and customers can look over the shoulder of the roasting master at work.

Coffee is not just coffee! The selected coffee beans are pampered all-around at Blank Roast: in a gentle long-term roasting process with the addition of organic grapevine from the region, the roasting masterworks out the typical aromas of the respective bean by hand. The single-origin roasting of small quantities sets the family business apart from the large industrial roasters - and you can taste it!.

Blank Roast counts on sustainability, environmental protection, and responsible trade. Through cooperation with associations and organizations, we guarantee consistent quality. Various awards and prizes encourage us to give the beans this special attention. The German Agricultural Society (DLG) names Mr. Blank as an international coffee sensory specialist and thus confirms Blank Roast's position as the quality leader in the industry.

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The best coffee is made from 100% arabica beans. These are high-quality arabica beans from the Cerrado savannas in Brazil. These savannahs are considered to be the top growing areas for arabica beans and are known for their excellent, high quality.

The coffee beans are sun-dried. The slow drying ensures that the aroma of the coffee cherry gets into the bean. In our roastery, these particularly high-quality beans are carefully roasted by our master roaster with great sensitivity and created into the best composition.

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