3 secrets to a perfect latte

Coffee Recipes

It is one of the protagonists of the classic Italian breakfast: we are talking about caffellatte, perfect to accompany cookies, croissants, snacks, rusks, or, perhaps, a slice of homemade cake. The nutritious protein of milk and the boost of coffee: ideal to complete the awakening and start the day.

The preparation of this beverage is quite simple. But if you want to enjoy one made literally to perfection, we suggest you follow our very own 3 secrets for a perfect caffellatte: get ready to enjoy a delicious version of this great Italian classic.

1. Perfect lattes: the importance of cappuccino cups

You may have happened to see it at the bar served in tall glass cups (the ones typically used for latte macchiato), but for us, caffellatte must be enjoyed in the glass cappuccino cup or the classic ceramic mug.

The quantities of the two ingredients are, in fact, the same as those found in cappuccino: 1/4 espresso and 3/4 fresh whole milk, making large mugs ideal for accommodating lattes as well.

2. Perfect latte: the coffee must have a strong taste

The second tip represents the heart of a well-made latte. To blend perfectly with the smoothness of the milk, it is preferable to use a blend with a strong character, in which the presence of Coffea Robusta makes the coffee full-bodied and with a strong personality.

We suggest, therefore, that you prepare espresso for your latte using Intenso compatible capsules or the Classica blend in ground mocha or compostable pods: you’ll see, with the right coffee, it’s a whole different story.

3. No foam for your latte

The real latte has no foam, and the milk does not have to be whipped: this is the fundamental difference that distinguishes it from the cappuccino, which has a creamy foam instead.

Now you can finally enjoy a perfect latte.